DESC's mission is to protect Dubai digitally by securing and protecting its data.

About Us

Yousef Hamad Al-Shaibani

Director General
Dubai Electronic Security Center

DG Statement

Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) was founded in 2014, pursuant to Law No. 11 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai. The Center was established in line with the visionary objectives to ensure that Dubai becomes a leader in cyber security and the protection of information from external cyber threats. The Center reinforces the technological progress and smart transformation that has been adopted and engrained in the foundations of the emirate, by establishing Dubai as a global leader in innovation, safety and security.

DESC implements the values of reliability, innovation and cooperation to achieve the goals set out by the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy. The strategy involves the implementation of five domains including; maintaining a secure digital environment, preserving the flexibility and the free flow of information within cyberspace, ensuring the continuity of IT systems and promoting research and innovation in the field of cyber security. Other objectives include increasing awareness within the community and urging individuals to be more observant of digital threats.

As technological advancements continue, the Center seeks to protect Dubai digitally, by securing and protecting the emirates’ information, telecommunication networks, and information systems. By developing, modifying, and using the necessary tools within cyber security, the Center aims to support all Dubai government entities to ensure they are in compliance with information security. The Center supports the increasing requirements for a cyber-secure digital landscape during the economic and social growth within the emirate and is dedicated to Dubai to training excellence within cyberspace.

Yousef Hamad Al-Shaibani
Director General
Dubai Electronic Security Center



Set and implement the government information security policy of Dubai.
Set, and supervise the implementation of, standards for ensuring cybersecurity in Dubai.
Prepare, in coordination with concerned government entities, a strategic plan to manage any risks, threats, or attacks on government information.
Verify the efficiency of the telecommunication network security systems and information systems of government entities.
Monitor compliance by government entities with the information security requirements issued by DESC and follow up implementation of these requirements.
Combat various cybercrimes and information technology crimes.
Coordinate with government, regional, and international entities with respect to the work of DESC.
Provide technical and advisory support to all government entities in Dubai.

Mission, Vision & Values

To protect Dubai digitally by securing and protecting its data.
Reliability, Innovation, Cooperation, Leadership, Dependability.



Protect government information, telecommunication networks, and information systems in Dubai.


Develop, modify, and use the necessary means of electronic security.


Enhance, through information systems or any other electronic means, the efficiency of information storage and exchange in all government entities in Dubai.


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