Establishing Dubai as a global leader in innovation, safety and security.

Cyber Strategy


Dubai Cyber Security Strategy

Thanks to the technological leadership, which constitutes one of the major pillars of the city, Dubai is now a leading international hub and an attractive investment destination for national, regional and international institutions. Also, the huge technological advancements happening across the region have contributed in attracting the countries attention around the world to Dubai.

The goals of technological development will never be met in the absence of supportive frameworks that promote the security and safety of information systems. Therefore, establishing a reliable and safe cyberspace is essential to continuing the development march and facing future challenges.

In line with the vision of Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to place Dubai among the most secure cities electronically in the world, we have launched the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy, which defines Dubai’s vision and objectives in this regard. The plan provides rules protecting the data and electronic services from threats and attacks, as well as protects companies, individual users or any information technology-related activities. The path to become a smart city is full of challenges, however, this will not prevent us from achieving our goals. We will continue the hard work with the determination and perseverance we have learned from our role models and leaders in the UAE in order to make Dubai one of the most secure cities electronically worldwide ― just as His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum envisions.

Raising the awareness of cyber security is a key element of promoting the success of the strategy. The goal is to build a more secure information society that is perfectly aware of cyber security risks. One of the key objectives of this strategy is to address any risks, threats or attacks, as well as allowing user access to various aspects of information technology so as to promote the success of the strategy in the future.

Achieving these objectives depends upon the participation and cooperation of all the governmental and non-governmental sectors in the city. Let us all work as one team, as per the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, in order to lay a solid basis for a free and secure cyber world that fosters scientific research and innovation.


Strategy Principles

Compliance with Regulations

  • All applicable laws and regulations should be applied to the cyber space in order to achieve cyber security and enhance awareness of all society about the importance of compliance with legislation.

Free Flow of Information

  • The cyber space needs to remain open to innovation and free flow of ideas, information, and expression. It should be a competitive environment which ensures a fair return on investment in infrastructure, services and content.


  • The risks of cyber space are transnational. Dubai needs to seek partnerships with other regional and international cities and countries while seeking out information on initiatives; the risks cannot be managed through Dubai’s defense alone.

Consideration of Risk

  • Individuals using the cyber space need to understand that absolute security cannot be achieved. This all-pervasive awareness contributes more to cyber security than any single organization can.