Dubai Electronic Security Center contributes in World Economic Forum for a safer cyberspace

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Dubai Electronic Security Center contributes in World Economic Forum for a safer cyberspace


Highlighting cybersecurity rising threats amidst COVID-19 global crises.

Dubai , 24 February 2021: Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) recently contributed in the World Economic Forum’s network, the Global Future Council on Cybersecurity that leads the global response to address cybersecurity unprecedented challenges and risks in this pandemic.

A virtual panel discussion was organized in collaboration with the Global Future Council on Cybersecurity and Dubai Electronic Security Center that discusses rising risks of the global cybersecurity landscape highlighting post-pandemic challenges. Government representatives, council members and cyber experts across the globe were invited to the session to discuss the current gaps and forecast the future recommendations to develop better more resilient international collaboration across nations. The proposal focuses on the international certification and assurance across countries focusing on three main areas: IoT devices, cybersecurity services and service providers.

The Center’s team presented the preliminary proposal of this strategic project and conducted studies and comparisons that identified the current main gaps. Furthermore, the team developed an initial proposal to overcome those gaps and consolidate global efforts in securing the cyberspace

Dr Bushra Al Blooshi, Deputy Director of Information Services Department at Dubai Electronic Security Center and a member of the Global Future Council on Cybersecurity expressed “We are honored to take part in the Global Future Council on Cybersecurity and contribute amongst leaders from international organizations and academia to bring forward insights that will tackle cybersecurity challenges and shape the post COVID- World”

AlBlooshi also added “The Dubai Electronic Security Center proposal has been selected as one of the main proposals to be considered by the Forum. The initiative will contribute to greater opportunities for international cooperation and the provision of an integrated global resilient mechanism to ensure the security of sensitive devices and services provided by various service providers.”

The World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council commits to fostering international cooperation and bridging the gap between public and private sectors to accelerate forward thinking solutions and reinforce cybersecurity efforts in response to cybercrimes as well as building cyber resilience in the global landscape to develop scalable solutions by adoption of cybersecurity best practices for a sustainable future.

February 24, 2021