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Dubai Electronic Security Center partners with Thales to upskill Cyber work-force


Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) has signed a strategic partnership with Thales to collaborate in different cybersecurity strategic initiatives.

28 February 2021, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Thales Group, a global leader in cybersecurity technologies and in data protection.

As part of the agreement, the two parties will collaborate in different strategic initiatives to achieve the city cyber security vision. Both parties will work towards achieving the objectives of the cyber smart society and innovation domains within Dubai cybersecurity strategy. Moreover, the parties will work towards developing the world class platform to improve the cyber resilience of the city and offering the best solutions to the government and semi government entities in Dubai.
His Excellency Yousef Al Shaibani, Director General of the Dubai Electronic Security Center, said: “We seek to form and strengthen partnerships with various stakeholders in the field of cybersecurity. The new complex will also facilitate the further development of a world-class integrated cybersecurity ecosystem, that will enhance Dubai’s position as a pioneer in innovation, safety and security.” added H.E. Al Shaibani.

Bernard Roux, CEO Thales in the UAE said, “Thales is honoured to be nominated by DESC for this strategic partnership that meets Dubai’s highest security expectations within the cyberspace. Due to Thales’ technological expertise in fields such as Security, Defence, Aerospace, Space, Digital Identity, Transportation, AI and Big Data, in which we offer a unique differentiation in Cybersecurity. This legacy is behind our cybersecurity expertise and resilience to new threats not only on our own solutions but also on any other solutions in the market.”
The partnership agreement coincides with the world’s increasing dependence on digital services, as a result of the impacts of COVID-19, which continues to highlight the importance of protecting technological infrastructure and cyberspace in order to ensure business continuity.


February 28, 2021

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